Trade Show Tips

We've provided some helpful guides, tips, and terms to help you navigate the trade show experience and the shipping of your exhibit to your events. We hope you find these useful.

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Tradeshow Shipping

Ship with confidence. We've been shipping exhibits to tradeshows for over 25 years.

Exhibit Storage

We can warehouse your exhibit between events.

International Shipping

ELITeXPO offers worldwide shipping for tradeshows. Import & Export.

Shipment Tracking & Status Emails

Available automated shipment status emails and web tracking.

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There's More To Shipping Your Tradeshow Exhibit, Than Just Moving The Freight

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Trade Show Tips

Tradeshow 101

Getting to know tradeshows and events? This guide with help provide some helpful tips and explain some of the terminology used on showfloor.

Tradeshow Shipping 101

The facts about getting your shipment to your show on time and getting it back the way you want it to move. This guidebook will help explain shipping, the paperwork involved in the process, and teminology used in the process.

Shipping Terms

This is a listing of various terms used in exhibit shipping and a definition of each one.

Helpful Links

We've gathered some helpful links to websites that may be helpful to you for use in the tradeshow and shipping industries, as well as some travel links.


We're proud to be the Official Air Carrier for the AAOS Annual Meeting.

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